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Family Safety Portal

What is the Family Safety Portal?

Its a website designed for people who work with those experiencing domestic, family or sexual violence (DFSV) in South Australia. A secure online space to support the risk assessment, referral and case management processes of the Family Safety Framework to help improve the safety response to those at risk.

Who should use it?

The portal should be used by the organisations that help people at risk of serious violence and include:

  • South Australia Police
  • Department for Child Protection
  • SA Housing Authority
  • Department of Human Services
  • Department for Correctional Services
  • SA Health (including community, women's health, Aboriginal health, midwifery, nursing and hospital staff)
  • Adult Mental Health Services SA
  • Drug and Alcohol Services SA
  • Department for Education SA
  • Women's Domestic Violence Services

What are Family Safety Meetings?

They're meetings held in 17 regions across South Australia, where representatives from key government and non-government agencies come together to develop coordinated responses, for those experiencing high risk domestic, family or sexual violence.

Why was the portal created?

The SA government is committed to providing support to those most at risk of serious DFSV.  The Portal allows for the important work of the Family Safety Framework to happen in a secure and confidential environment by:

  • Providing an easily accessible, highly secure environment  for agency workers to conduct risk assessments and refer cases to Family Safety Meetings.
  • Giving workers involved in Family Safety Meetings a place to share information and collaborate so they can improve the safety response given to people experiencing DFSV.
  • Enabling Family Safety Meetings to occur online, in a digitally secure environment, when face to face meetings aren’t possible.

Agency workers and professionals

The following information is for agency workers and professionals who work with those at serious risk of domestic, sexual or family violence.

Does the portal replace anything?

  • Paper-based risk assessments
  • Paper-based referrals to Family Safety Meetings.

These will now be completed online using the portal.

When should I start using it?

From the 14th June 2022.

When and how to use the portal?

Use the portal to:

  • Conduct risk assessments of those at risk.
  • Refer people to a Family Safety Meeting
  • Manage your Family Safety Meeting participation.
  • Interact and share information with other organisations.

Below we show how to use the Family Safety Portal.

Account set-up and management

To make a risk assessment and a referral

As a Family Safety Meeting Member

As a Family Safety Meeting Chairperson

Family Safety Framework Practice manual

Are you ready to get started?

Go to the Family Safety Portal

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Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

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