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Family Safety Framework

What is the Family Safety Framework?

The Family Safety Framework (FSF) is the South Australian Government’s coordinated service response to Domestic, Family, and Sexual Violence (DFSV) implemented statewide in November 2013.

It was developed under the auspice of the South Australian Government's Women's Safety Strategy and Keeping Them Safe - Child Protection Agenda, to drive improved, integrated service responses to violence against women and children in South Australia.

The FSF seeks to ensure that services to families most at risk of violence are provided in a more structured and systematic way, through agencies sharing information about high risk families and taking responsibility for supporting these families to navigate the system of services to help them.

Information about people at serious risk of violence is shared between agencies in accordance with the Information Sharing Guidelines for promoting safety and wellbeing.

The Family Safety Framework is underpinned by multi-agency Family Safety Meetings which meet every 2 weeks to develop coordinated responses for people experiencing a high risk of harm due to Domestic, Family or Sexual Violence.

If you are working with someone who requires an emergency or immediate response be safe you should follow your agency guidelines or contact the South Australia Police for emergency or immediate assistance.

Who is involved?

The FSF is underpinned by an agreement across Departments and Agencies for a consistent understanding and approach to domestic and family violence that has a focus on women's and children's safety and the accountability of perpetrators.

The core agencies involved are:

  • South Australia Police
  • Department for Child Protection
  • SA Housing Authority
  • Department of Human Services
  • Department for Correctional Services
  • SA Health (including community, women's health, Aboriginal health, midwifery, nursing and hospital staff)
  • Adult Mental Health Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Services SA
  • Department for Education
  • Women's Domestic Violence Services (NGO).

Family Safety Portal

Is a new website for agency workers and professionals involved with Family Safety Meetings.

Find out more about the Family Safety Portal.

How to refer a case to a Family Safety Meeting?

Complete online forms using the Family Safety Portal.

Resources for Service Providers

Forms and supporting documents:

Further information


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