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Perpetrator referral pathway into the Family Safety Framework (FSF) 2.6





Our Commitment

We will seek to strengthen Family Safety Framework (FSF) responses to perpetrators and the risk they present to women and children’s safety

What have we achieved

This expands across many areas of service delivery, and involves cross-agency and cross-sector partnership. In 2019–20, there were 595 referrals to the Family Safety Framework and 391 Family Safety meetings across 19 SAPOL regions. We have expanded the risk assessment tool to include cohort-specific questions. There are new specific tools for young people. The tool now forms part of the online-portal assessments. Perpetrator referrals have been refreshed in these updates and all these improvements are expected to be operational later in 2020. This work by the State Government has included changing the focus to early intervention in relation to men's violence, rather than changes to the programs for perpetrators already involved with the criminal justice system. A suite of measures is underway, including funding from the State Government of $127,000 per year to Kornar Winmil Yunti Aboriginal Corporation to deliver perpetrator responses for Aboriginal men under the Intervention Order response model.

What is next

Perpetrator-specific risk assessments and referrals will become a focus in the next stage of the FSF refresh, once the online portal is established and cohort-specific risk assessments are included in the portal process. Development of the children and young people positive action plan will also be in the next phase of the FSF refresh.

What difference will we make

Expanding the scope of the FSF will help to ensure that women and their children are easily able to access the services they need and perpetrators are held accountable for their behaviour with appropriate support to change.

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