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Crisis accommodation – for women escaping violence and perpetrators of violence 2.13





Our Commitment

We will strengthen our focus on removing perpetrators of domestic, family and sexual violence from the home and explore a range of alternative accommodation options.

What have we achieved

The State Government has fast-tracked this work in a response to COVID-19 and funded significant work across the sector during the past year. Funding was provided to the Men's Referral Service, Kornar Winmil Yunti Aboriginal Corporation and Community Transitions (OARS) for new programs and initiatives, and the Government, through the SA Housing Authority, has delivered 9 new beds for perpetrators removed from their homes.

What is next

The State Government will continue investigating policy options and initiatives and monitoring success.

What difference will we make

Housing is primary to the safety, security and independence and women and families facing violence. The State Government will continue to work will all sectors to improve understanding and awareness of these important issues.

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