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Our Commitment

Violence Against Women (VAW) Collaborations are multi-agency partnerships that focus on the development of local primary prevention strategies to prevent violence against women. They bring together local service providers to develop strategic regional approaches to respond to and prevent violence against women that are tailored to the specific strengths, profile and needs of a region. We will revisit the VAW Collaborations to link them with the new safety hubs as they are developed, but also to ensure that each collaboration has a strong focus on primary prevention with support from White Ribbon ambassadors and advocates and Our Watch. We will also give the collaborations a mechanism to provide feedback to government via the Chief Executives Group.

What have we achieved

The State Government's Office for Women has commenced work to reform the 10 current VAW collaborations meeting within South Australia. While work has been underway with the delivery of safety hubs, the State Government has worked with White Ribbon and other primary prevention leaders to better define the role of community partners in delivering these important activities.

What is next

We will now work towards finalising appropriate membership for these partnerships, with a focus on ensuring we involve non-traditional response partners such as businesses and sporting groups. Once these memberships are agreed and finalised, we will help develop work plans to deliver their important work.

What difference will we make

We will improve the community response to domestic, family and sexual violence and lift awareness in communities.

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