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Committed to Safety

Committed to Safety: A framework for addressing domestic, family and sexual violence in South Australia (CTS) is a policy framework that provides a clear and considered plan for action in relation to preventing domestic, family and sexual violence.

CTS features three pillars of response:

  • Primary Prevention
  • Service and Support
  • Justice (Legislative, Statutory and Community)

It is underpinned by two ‘enablers’:

  • Data and Evidence Base
  • Evaluation and Monitoring our Impact

Importantly, Committed to Safety is an action-driven document. Its actions cover all three pillars, and many focus on specific population groups (children/youth, Aboriginal people, women with disability, culturally and linguistically diverse people, older women, and regional and remote people).

The actions are broken down into short, medium and long-term, though the population-specific actions have not been allocated time frames as many of these will require significant engagement with, and the involvement of, non-government organisations.

Committed to Safety is available as a PDF download. Click here to access the Committed to Safety framework (PDF 1.1 MB)

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