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Investing in Women's Futures

A woman's experiences across her lifetime can have a major impact on her economic security. Women are more likely to earn less money than men, undertake the majority of unpaid caregiving and household chores and have fragmented work histories. They often experience greater levels of discrimination, harassment and even violence, have fewer employment opportunities and have lower levels of financial literacy and independence than their male counterparts. It is this combination of factors that can leave women in poor financial circumstances in later life and contributes to the gender pay and superannuation gaps.

Investing in Women's Futures is a blueprint for helping all women gain financial independence and economic empowerment.

Investing in Women's Futures: South Australia's Women's Economic Blueprint outlines initiatives and actions which aim to support women's economic wellbeing across their lifetime by:

  • Encouraging the undertaking of study, skills and employment in non-traditional areas, particularly science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
  • Improving financial literacy
  • Reducing the gender pay gap
  • Increasing economic wellbeing to reduce violence against women
  • Providing support during parental leave and when returning to work
  • Helping to manage caring responsibilities through access to a range of flexible work arrangements
  • Educating women on superannuation and saving for retirement


Current initiatives:

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