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Legal Services Commission of SA

The Legal Services Commission provides legal information, legal advice and grants of legal aid to South Australians.

Phone 1300 366 424 (Free legal help line)

Disability Justice - is a series of resources to provide people living with disability easier access to knowledge about their legal rights, dealing with the police and protections that are available to people in South Australia who are at risk of or experiencing abuse.

Law for You - is a basic guide to the law for new migrants living in South Australia. It is intended to help non-English speakers learn key laws and find out about services available to assist people with legal problems.

Young people and the law - provides a range of factsheets, publications and resources designed for young people or people working with young people to provide general information to young people about their rights and the law.

Women's Legal Service SA

The Women's Legal Service is a community legal centre providing women with a range of free legal services, including legal advice and information, education, training and resources.

Phone 8221 5553 or 1800 816 349

Community Legal Centres

Community Legal Centres are independent, not- for-profit organisations which provide legal advice, casework, referral and, in some cases, legal representation to members of the community.

There are a number of legal centres located throughout metropolitan and rural South Australia. Most centres serve people who live or work in their geographical area.

Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Service

This service being delivered by the Legal Service Commission of SA directly assists victims of family and domestic abuse to navigate legal matters regarding Intervention Orders and tenancy disputes. Lawyers provide legal advice and represent women who need to apply for a private Intervention Order, vary a confirmed Order or terminate a tenancy agreement.


Phone: 1800 246 642

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Law reform information for women in South Australia

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