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How to Search

Applying for access to the Directory

The Directory is password protected to ensure that integrity and confidentiality is maintained and that only authorised persons are able to conduct searches.

Government, not for profit and private sector personnel who need to identify candidates for appointment to boards and committees can apply for a username and password by emailing a request for password form   (DOC 123.0 KB) to

The Privacy Act (Cth) 1988 stipulates that personal information on databases can only be released for the purpose for which it was collected.

Issuing passwords

Passwords are issued to those with the authority to make appointments to Government, private and not-for-profit boards and committees.  You will be contacted by the Office for Women upon receipt of the completed request for password form with your username and password. Once a password is provided it should not be passed on to any other person or group.

The Office for Women will not provide passwords to applicants who cannot demonstrate that they are seeking potential candidates for their board or committee.

Logging onto the Directory

You will be provided with a username and password to access the Directory.  Your username will be your email address.  You can change your password at any time using the function in the database once logged on.

Search the directory here

Search criteria

Searches can either be conducted with only one or two criteria through the Simple Search page or using a variety of criteria on the Advanced Search page.

  • Name search You can search by any combination of first and or last name.
  • High level board experience This limits your search to women who have had extensive past board experience, including chairing experience.
  • Chair experience By ticking this box, a search will return only women who have chair experience.
  • Profile areas This search option may be helpful when a prospective board is seeking a particular set of skills or qualifications.  The drop down box lists areas and industries of key expertise, for example Finance, Defence, Construction, Policy.
  • Keyword search The keyword search option will search for a word or a combination of words from all of the information in the candidate profiles.

Member profiles

The member profiles provide a summary of each woman's experience, a list of their current and previous board/committee experience and their area of interest.  Information is provided on each candidate under the following categories:

  • Contact details
  • Biography
  • Qualifications
  • Expertise Areas (areas of high level skills and knowledge e.g. health, legal, management)
  • Interest Areas (up to 10 areas of interest)
  • Special Interest (e.g. Chair experience)
  • Board and Committee Experience
  • Professional Development
  • Employment History

Please note, to protect the privacy of its members, contact information is not shown on the Directory.

Contacting women for nomination

The personal contact details of women are not provided in the Directory. The Office for Women must be contacted to obtain these details. This ensures the privacy of the women registered on the Directory.  It also assists the Office to monitor potential nominations of women and to track statistical information on the success of the overall strategy.

Requesting a customised search

The Office for Women can undertake a search on your behalf. These searches are tailored to meet the needs of specific boards and information on the skills and experience required for the board vacancy assists the Office for Women find potential candidates.

The Office prefers at least one week's notice. Searches can be achieved with less notice, however the results may not be as comprehensive.

For further information and assistance

Further information and assistance can be obtained by contacting the Office for Women.

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