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At the Office for Women we often hear about initiatives, programs and events that are of benefit to women. In order to enhance the lives of South Australian women, we regularly collect and mail out links to these items in our Office for Women eNews. This eNews is open to members of the community with an interest in promoting women's empowerment and inclusion.

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Supporting our stakeholders during COVID-19

Supporting our stakeholders during COVID-19

Supporting our stakeholders during COVID-19

Supporting our NGOs during the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s been a tough few weeks for all as we navigate a new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Its hard to navigate the unknown, and we are all finding new ways to work and support the community during this time.

To ensure that you have one, consistent source of information, our Department has developed a page on its website dedicated to providing NGOs with a place to find information and support.

The DHS NGO coronavirus support page includes a link to current news, an online forum for questions, key contacts, policies and resources as well as a Pandemic Readiness information package for the non-government sector to support organisations through this period. This package is part of a detailed Toolkit to assist the sector in preparation and business continuity. The page will be regularly updated with key information to keep you informed.

We encourage you to visit this website regularly, and to consider signing up for the Department of Human Services NGO e-news. Our latest newsletter and past newsletters are available to read online.

The current newsletter includes information on accessing Personal Protective Equipment, current protocols and guidelines, support available for communities and your workforce as well as links to our Q&As and webinars.

Each newsletter will include relevant information from across the Department, including that relevant to the Office for Women and the Women's Information Service. Most importantly, it will ensure you are up to date on what impacts on you as well as providing a a forum to answer questions your questions and hear feedback.

If you have any questions contact the COVID-19 response team at

Please continue to take care of yourselves, your families, colleagues and clients as we navigate this unprecedented crisis together.

Release of Break the Cycle campaign to end domestic violence

Release of Break the Cycle campaign to end domestic violence

Release of Break the Cycle campaign to end domestic violence

Break the Cycle campaign to end domestic violenceIf your partner is tracking your calls without consent, that's domestic abuse. Break the Cycle.

A powerful new advertising campaign is urging South Australians to help “break the cycle” of domestic abuse, aimed at people concerned about their own, or their partner’s behaviour – and is encouraging them to reach out and seek help.

The Break The Cycle campaign will run for six weeks across metropolitan and regional television, radio, digital and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

A new website launched as part of the campaign will act as a one-stop-shop for all domestic violence information in SA.

The campaign’s central tagline is: If you feel the need to break something, break the cycle of domestic abuse and aims to encourage those experiencing or perpetrating violence in the home to recognise it and take action.

It is well documented the cycle of abuse usually begins with tensions building, then an incident occurs, often the parties reconcile and then there is a period of calm. Then tensions build again, repeating the cycle. The aim of the campaign is help break that cycle.

Domestic abuse is not limited to physical violence and can include controlling behaviours and emotional abuse, such as restricting someone’s access to money or technology. Educating the community about the different types and forms of abuse is a key strategy in increasing people's ability to recognise abuse, and intervene early through contacting services.

Depriving your partner of financial independence is domestic abuse. Break the cycle.The campaign encourages men using abusive behaviour to contact the Men's Referral Service (1300 766 491), introduced to South Australia for the first time in April this year. Break The Cycle enables people to become aware if they are experiencing abuse; recognise a harmful behaviour as their own; and to know that if they know someone is at risk, there help is available.

All South Australians can help break the cycle of domestic abuse and we all have an important role to play in ending domestic, family and sexual violence.

Domestic violence funding is supporting at-risk women and children in SA, including ensuring the Domestic Violence Crisis Line can operate 24/7 and enabling the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme and a life-saving phone app which puts women in direct contact with support, to continue.

Break the Cycle website

Men’s Referral Service: Phone 1300 766 491

Domestic Violence Crisis Line: Phone 1800 800 098

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