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Why do we need more women in STEM?

Why do we need more women in STEM?

For many years, increasing women’s participation in employment has been argued as a matter of equality and the ‘right’ thing to do. Today, women’s full participation in employment is argued on the basis of economics - it is now the ‘smart’ thing to do.

In order for our economy to continue to thrive and develop we must ensure that the STEM workforce is sustainable. To do this we must look to our biggest pool of largely underutilized talent – women.

There has never been a more powerful time to be bold and take action to ensure that women and girls are at the forefront of this technological revolution. Out dated stereotypes about women’s work must not be a barrier to women and girls achieving high level, highly technical professional roles in this new work future.

We also know that companies operating with a gender-balance actually enhance their innovation and gain a competitive advantage.1

In addition, making sure people with interrupted career paths achieve their potential would improve the return on our education investment by over $8 billion.2

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