It is often the case that women are financially disadvantaged, whether this is through societal and institutional barriers that disadvantage women; through relationship breakdown; through taking time out of work to care for others; or through a lack of knowledge and skill when it comes to finances.

The Office for Women and the Women's Information Service are addressing these barriers through empowering women with the knowledge and education to manage their money.

The resources below provide information on topics that relate to different aspects of money and finance that may be experienced differently by women.

Getting a Loan

10thousand Girl

This organisation is a not-for-profit, which seeks to increase the wellbeing and economic health of women. Their website has tips, tools and resources you can access for free to get a better grip on your understanding and knowledge around finances and money. Have a look here:


MoneySmart is run by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to help people make the most of their money. There is a section of the website focusing on issues that women may experience when it comes to money and finance. Have a look here:

Women's Money Toolkit

The women's money toolkit is part of the MoneySmart website and has tips and tools you can use to help plan your finances and financial future. Personalise your toolkit here:


Please see the separate page on superannuation (click on the link in the menu to the left).

Separation from a partner

This can be a time of great upheaval, and this includes your financial situation. A webpage has been set up on this subject and is part of the Commonwealth Government and ASIC initiative MoneySmart, which you can view here:

Financial abuse

There are many types of abuse and ways in which abusive partners can seek to control victims' lives. Finances are one such area that a perpetrator can use to establish control and manipulate their victim. Women's Health Goulburn North East have created a great resource called 'Essential First Steps to re-establishing financial security' for those who are experiencing this type of abuse. There are some contact numbers that are for Victorian services, but the content is still general. Have a look at it here:

WIRE also have a similar resource. Check it out here:

Women and Retirement

See our page on superannuation