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Terms of reference

Terms of reference

The role and responsibilities of the Premier's Council for Women are to:

  • Provide expert policy advice to the South Australian Government on identified policy and program issues and create positive outcomes for South Australian women;
  • Provide recommendations, information and advice to the Premier, the Minister for the Status of Women and the Office for Women, to facilitate a whole of Government approach to ensuring that programs and services match women's needs;
  • Monitor all Government policies and programs related to women and measures of women's progress against set indicators;
  • Develop strategies for dealing with the causes of inequalities for women and to provide leadership to influence and shape women's policy;
  • Develop and maintain appropriate consultation/engagement mechanisms - across Government, with the community and with stakeholders that ensure a broad based, inclusive process;
  • Provide advice and information to the Office for Women to assist in research activities;
  • Assist the Office for Women to achieve the goals of Office for Women led strategies such as Achieving Women's Equality;
  • Report once a year to the Premier and the Minister for the Status of Women.

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